10-Week Domestic Abuse-Focused Workshop Package

Surviving any type of interpersonal abuse is an incredibly isolating and often devastating experience to go through. It can be incredibly challenging for survivors to navigate through the aftermath of such a destructive relationship, especially when there are so few people that truly understand the complex trauma that a survivor is often left living with. Those who experience narcissistic abuse are often let down by the lack of helpful guidance that is available to them; invalidated by professionals who simply don’t have the relevant experience and training to understand the complexities of such abuse; and left in the throws of emotional flashbacks and rumination that affect their life for years after the relationship has ended. For those who do have supportive friends and family members around them, there is still often a feeling of loneliness that comes from knowing that there is little any of them can do to move you on from where you may be feeling stuck. There often comes a point where family and friends have exhausted their list of ideas, and yet you find yourself still unsure of how to move on from your experience; or who you can turn to next for the support, guidance and nurturance you may need in order to make a full recovery.
My Domestic Abuse Focused Workshop Packages are specifically designed to offer a safe, compassionate and supportive environment for abuse survivors. Whether you have recently come away from an abusive relationship, or are still struggling to recover from a relationship that ended years ago, these workshops aim to help you feel seen, heard, validated, less alone, and empowered in your recovery journey.

If you are currently in an abusive relationship and want access to more intensive professional support, I highly recommend that you work with me on a private 1-to-1 basis. This will allow me to focus my support towards your unique needs, and this will give us an opportunity to explore your experiences in more detail so that I can offer a more personalised service. This will also give you the option of working with me more regularly than once a week, if you feel this is what you need. You can find details of my packaging options here.
Each Focused Workshop package consists of ten sessions, each of which will be 75 minutes long. The first session will take place on the date and time that is advertised upon purchase of the package. Each additional session will be held at the same time each week for a total of ten weeks (ex. 1st session – 10th July at 4pm; 2nd session – 17th July at 4pm; 10th (final) session – 11th September – 4pm).
These sessions will not be recorded (to protect confidentiality) and will be held live on Zoom. These workshops will also be limited to a maximum of 10 participants per ten-week round. This is to ensure that I can maintain safety during each live session.
During each session, there will be a focused topic that is discussed amongst the group, and there will be many opportunities to share, discuss and practice a range of different practices and suggestions that are deemed as beneficial by the participants within the group. Upon signing up to the workshops, I will request that you complete a short questionnaire to find out if there’s anything in-particular you would like the workshops to cover. This will help me to personalise the workshops to further meet the needs of the participants.

A large part of each session will be dedicated to creating a safe space for survivors to discuss their own experiences. Sometimes being able to retell your stories and know that others truly understand the struggles you’ve been through, can be cathartic in of itself. During this release, you can request guidance and support from myself, or simply use the time to talk about how you’re feeling, or what you may be struggling with. You do not have to share anything, if you choose not to. There will never be any expectation for you to do or say anything you are not comfortable doing.
Please be aware that these workshops will often cover quite sensitive material, and may sometimes be quite triggering for survivors to be a part of. However, rest assure that I am fully capable and trained to hold a safe container for these topics to be explored in the safest way possible. I will never end a session without ensuring that every participant is grounded before I do so.
If, after the ten weeks, you feel you would like to continue this support, you are invited to either sign up for another 10-week round; begin working with my 1-to-1; or commit to one of my deep-dive sessions, if you feel there is something specific you would like to explore.
Details about my Private 1-to-1 Coaching can be found here.
Details about my 3-hour Deep-Dive Immersions can be found here.

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£275 total for 10 weeks

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