Private Coaching

I offer an array of different resources to suit your needs, from 1-to-1 coaching sessions; personalised packages and experiences; as well as online and in-person workshops, courses and retreats.
Below you will find a detailed breakdown of how my private coaching sessions are structured, including my add-on messaging service that is available to existing clients.

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Emotional Release


How my regular 1-to-1 coaching works

The first step for many individuals would be to book in a consultation with myself. This 60-minute session Book Here will be a chance for you to ask as many questions are you like, and for the both of us to explore how I can support you moving forward. If you make the decision to continue our journey together, the following steps will hopefully give you an idea of how those sessions may flow.

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Laying The Foundations Building The Superstructure Furnishing The House
In our first 60-minute session, we will begin to explore where you are in your life right now, what you may need, and how I can best support you moving forward. We will lightly touch upon where you are at in your recovery process, discuss the network of support you have around you, and begin to explore some of the difficulties that you’re currently facing. You may have specific challenges you bring to the table, or you may want to see what comes up during each session. Either way, our time together will always be client-led. Over the course of the next few sessions, we will begin to piece together your trauma history; explore some of the ways that this trauma may be manifesting in your present day; and begin to build a solid understanding of what help and support are needed to continue your process of healing and recovery. During our regular sessions, we will examine the experiences that have led you to this moment; explore and deconstruct the beliefs and patterns that may be preventing your recovery; and work together in moving you forwards on your healing journey. During these sessions, you will also get the opportunity to set your own recovery goals, and build a comprehensive toolbox of knowledge and practices that may aid you in your day to day life.

For coaching packages/workshops/courses etc… that are designed to follow a specific curriculum, details will be sent to a client ahead of time.

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