Initial Consultation

£45 for 60 Minutes

1-to-1 Coaching Packages

Single Session

1 Month Package

3 Month Package

6 Month Package

Private Coaching Sessions

All sessions will be held through zoom

You can choose a time-slot appropriate for you, at the time of booking.
Once you have booked a time slot, you must give at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend that session.
Unless otherwise requested, successive sessions will be automatically scheduled at the same time every week. An email confirmation will be sent out confirming this.
Other arrangements can be made, if this is not convenient for you.



I accept PayPal and Stripe

Full payment will be taken at the time of booking.
Due to the nature of the service provided, no refunds will be issued.

I look forward to working with you!



Coming soon!

Text Messaging Support Add-On

Sometimes meeting with a coach once a week doesn’t feel enough for a client who is a wanting additional support on the days in-between each meeting. Sometimes a client can become unstuck during the time between a coaching session, and wish they had somebody they could reach out to for advice, support, validation, and compassion.

This service is for anybody either working with me through 1-to-1 coaching, or who is currently attending, or has attended one of my workshops. This service is also available for anybody who has paid for and/or committed themselves to one of my live or pre-recorded courses/workshops etc…

If you would like additional support outside of our coaching sessions, I offer a 28 day subscription service where you can message me outside of our coaching time (between the window or 12pm and 10pm Monday to Saturday (GMT) to discuss anything that you feel would be helpful in your recovery journey.
Perhaps you just need to know that somebody is there to reach out to if you need them. Maybe you would feel more at ease knowing that I’m only a text message away if you’re struggling. Sometimes having a consistent and compassionate person to turn to for advice adds a feeling security and safety to your life that will support you even more on your healing journey.
For a small cost, you can text, or send voice messages, as often or as little as you need.

Full details of this service can be found in the terms and conditions that will be emailed to you upon completion of your purchase. Details of how your identity will be protected throughout this service will also be explained.

If you feel this is something you would benefit from, you can reach out to me through email, or speak to me during our next coaching session.

If you wish to go right ahead and register, you can


Pay It Forward

I recognise that access to good quality professional trauma care and support can be hard to come by. I also understand that many people simply cannot afford the financial cost of committing to a coach/therapist/facilitator/healer etc… My ‘Pay it forward’ initiative works as follows:
If you have benefitted from my coaching and would like to give others an opportunity to receive a package of coaching sessions from myself, I have set up a way for you to donate as much, or as little as you can to make this possible.

Whatever you can donate, I will match that myself.

Once enough has been raised for a package of 4, 8 or 12 sessions, I will open up the opportunity for individuals to apply online and receive these life-changing sessions.

If you wish to donate to this initiative, please click here

If you wish to apply for these ‘Pay It Forward’ sessions, you can do so by downloading the PDF form below and submitting it by e-mail However, I will only be offering this service when I have raised enough money to support a number of applicants. Therefore, if the link is not actively working, it means that I am not currently requesting applications. Please do not apply during this time as your application will not be considered.


You can sign up to my mailing service to receive regular updates on how much money has been raised. This is where I will first announce that the application process has been open.

In this 60 minute session, we will discuss where you’re at in your recovery journey right now; what difficulties you are currently facing; what you would like to achieve whilst working with a coach; and whether what I have to offer aligns with what it is that you need. We will also explore the different modalities and pathways that are available, so that you can consider which ones would best support you as of right now. The consultation will help the both of us to establish how often you would like to meet with me, if you make the decision to continue our journey together. It can also a useful tool to ask questions about any of the courses/experiences/workshops I may be offering, to see which is the right fit for you.