For survivors of narcissistic abuse, the recovery journey afterwards can be a painful, isolating, and often very confusing one. The chaos and absolute destructive nature of these relationships can traumatise a person for years, sometimes decades, after the relationship has ended. Not only are you left to navigate through life with debilitating symptoms of complex trauma, but many survivors are often retraumatised by the lack of support and/or understanding of what they have lived through. So few in the way of professionals have the knowledge, skills and/or relevant training to support a survivor through trauma recovery. Only a fraction of these possess an experiential insight into the complexities of pathologically abusive relationships.

The truth is that survivors of narcissistic abuse will have been exposed to prolonged and systematic emotional, psychological, physical, sexual, spiritual, and/or financial abuse, and neglect. This can leave a person experiencing any and/or all of the following symptoms:

Many professionals may attempt to support abuse survivors through the use of talk therapy. While processing experiences is an important step in recovery, this alone is not sufficient in working with the physiological memories that have been stored in the body – in particular our nervous systems. Talk therapy can also be retraumatizing if the professional doesn’t have a full understanding of the complexities of narcissistic abuse.

Other specialists may use modalities that primarily focus on the body alone. While this can often support long-term recovery, it can be quite problematic if the practitioner is not trauma-trained. Difficulties may also arise when a professional doesn’t have the understanding/training/experience to be able to help process the complex, and extremely challenging emotional and psychological elements of narcissistic abuse recovery.

As a narcissistic abuse recovery specialist, with training in various modalities of somatic practice, nervous system regulation, and emotional releasing, I can support you in all of the essential areas of recovery. My scope of expertise includes:

Abuse Recovery

With an array of skills, training, experience and understanding to support abuse survivors wherever they may be in their journey, I am confident that I can offer a safe container for recovery to take place. 

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