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2022 Release

A three-part detailed account of my horrific experience with psychopathic abuse. These books are packed with references to clinical criteria; recognised psychological understanding; and written exclusively from a trauma-informed perspective. These are not simply my stories: they are a carefully structured recount to help others liberate themselves with invaluable tools and information.


Weathering The Storm

Part one of a trilogy that looks at the horrors of narcissistic/psychopathic abuse. This book unravels the initial stages of a pathological love relationship, and observes the insidiousness of covert abuse, and how it can go unnoticed. Weathering The Storm explores the first two years of what a relationship with a psychopath can entail, including references to clinical diagnoses and important observations that may protect others from the destruction of other dangerous individuals.

Title TBC

Part two of the trilogy showcases the destruction and devastation that comes from long-term exposure to narcissistic/psychopathic abuse. These stories detail my close encounters with death; the loss of a child; and the increasingly dysfunctional behaviour of the abuser. It also highlights my journey outside the other side of escaping the relationship. This book once again couples my experiences with an in-depth analysis from a clinical perspective. It breaks down behaviours through a trauma-informed lens, and offers some insight into how a person can recover from such an horrific experience.

Title TBC

This final book is an extensive deep-dive into the recovery journey that many individuals will need to make following their exposure to narcissistic abuse. From understanding the abuser’s pathology; to recognising and navigating through the complex trauma that many survivors carry, this book offers a fully embodied, trauma-informed support manual for any and all survivors of narcissistic abuse. This book explores topics such as cognitive dissonance; trauma bonding; the grieving process; the concept of forced forgiveness and acceptance; and many other concepts that are often overlooked during recovery. Packed full of practices, exercises and life-changing resources, this is the ‘work’ that ultimately saved my life.

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